Cooking Eggs


Intermediate Level

We’re excited to present to you our 12-week Science and Cooking Intermediate Course. Through this course we aim to develop confident, independent, curious, and creative cooks, who should be able to prepare fully balanced nutritious meals for themselves and their families. 

The focus of the course will be on various traditional and modern cooking methods, skills, and techniques used in India and around the world. At the end of the course, the children will be using all that they have learnt to create their own unique signature recipes.

All the classes in this course are completely hands-on, child-friendly, child-approved, and tried and tested since 2017. 

The 12-weeks are divided into four parts:

Part 1: Flavour Builders

In this part we will focus on the core building blocks of flavour, salt, sugar, fat, acid, and experiment with techniques such as brining, curing, caramelizing, emulsifying, fermenting to create our own pantry of ‘flavour bombs’. They will create their unique flavoured fats, dahi, cheese, sauces, sorbets, and lots more, everything from scratch!

Part 2: Indian Cooking 

In this part we will focus on building and strengthening various basic and advanced Indian cooking skills and techniques. They will learn traditional ways to boost flavour at different stages of cooking, how to cook staples like rice, breads, dals, and curries, and how different parts of India use different ingredients. 

Part 3: World Food 

We will introduce the kids to the food from different parts of the world, focusing on the commonality and differences between them. We will cover dishes and techniques from Asia, Europe, and South America. 

Part 4: Signature Recipes

Towards the end of the course, the kids will use everything they have learnt and create at least 4 of their own signature recipes. We will guide them to balance textures and flavours to help them envision completely original and unique ideas. All of these will be compiled into a mini recipe book! 

Apart from these themes, the kids will also experiment with various cooking methods like grilling, braising, steaming, slow cooking, and more. 

The ingredients required for the class will be basic pantry staples and seasonal, locally available fresh produce.

For this course we recommend the kids work completely independently, except when adult supervision is required. We celebrate mistakes as they are great learning moments. We do not expect all the kids to make perfect food each time, but we want them to try their own way. Some things will be great and some things won't work out and that is part of the learning and growing experience we want to provide.